-160ºCRYO offers cryotherapy services. Get the boost of energy and motivation, needed for for modern person.


Cryotherapy is a modern technology. It is a revitalizing and invigorating procedure that relieves daily stress, mobilizes the immune system, stimulates the metabolism, has a pain-relieving effect, improves overall well-being and sleep quality! Duration of the procedure is 1.5-3 minutes.

The cryosauna looks like a vertical solarium. It is an equipment, that uses liquid nitrogen as a raw material. Basically, the human body is surrounded by a mixture of cold nitrogen vapor and air. It is a method used in both medicine and cosmetology! As a result of cryosauna, the skin becomes firmer, it smoothes wrinkles and reduces stretch marks.

Nitrogen steam temperatures range is from -130 to -160 ° C, but it is not like ice cold water, so the sensations are very unusual, interesting and relatively comfortable. Discomfort during this procedure is three times less than in ice cold water. During the procedure the person is free to feel, move and talk! Cryotherapy is used by many world famous athletes, actors and businessmen.


25 €

Single procedure

110 €

Subscription for 5 procedures

200 €

Subscription for 10 procedures

360 €

Subscription for 20 procedures